Aug 8, 2014

Biker show: Kate Moss in advertising Matchless

British brand Matchless, specializing in brutal street clothes, presented a new collection campaign with Kate Moss in the lead role. 

Kate Moss in advertising Matchless

In the pictures from the photo shoot stylish supermodel posing with Clement blade-to-background a rocky desert landscapes. For filming, they tried on the key things in the style of the biker chic: leather leather jackets and trousers, coarse shoes.

Hair fluttering in the wind Moss and smoky-eyes perfectly complement her image girlfriends motorcycle racer. Harmonious background for photoset served as rocks, dust and sand.

Earlier we wrote about this assignment, and now we can finally evaluate the result. Kate in his 40 years of gorgeous, is not it?

Kate Moss in advertising Matchless_1

Kate Moss in advertising Matchless_2