Aug 2, 2014

Bieber-Punch: Orlando Bloom as gefeiert Hero!

The desire to bring the loudmouth of Justin Bieber finally silenced, is probably just as promising, like trying to chase a fly with a water pistol: difficult, it requires the necessary leisure, usually you go wrong! And while Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez extremely ashamed to have to serve as a possible reason for his near-fight with Orlando Bloom, the latter now enjoys once a veritable Love Storm! That he has been shown the Bieberoni what is a rake, leaves his popularity barometer climb to dizzying heights.

So should his newly gained fans applaud him formally to enthusiasm waves wherever he goes and stands. Compared to the newspaper The Mirror, the Briton said even quite smugly, that the praise now picks it up unimagined platforms: "Everyone over and over again telling me that I was a hero!" Curious about the story is really just that Orlando is celebrated as the aggressor, while most now Justin a lot ... well, eyebrows have placed whether his behavior. Whose side are you now may stand: #TeamOrlando has been the blatant fan-Boost!

Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber