Aug 12, 2014

Before his death: That said, Robin Williams

In his films he often played the cheerful type and gave the people so funny moments that they like to remember today. In real life, had Robin Williams but some demons against whom he fought.

Robin Williams

In an interview with the American radio station NPR Williams said a few years ago about his condition. Sometimes "I play the madman Yes I am all the time crazy No I be sad Oh yes true: In contrast to the manic trains, which he gladly gave his film characters, it was during the depression to something personal.?.? I am then hard? Oh yes, "he told the journalists that time Terry Gross. When asked whether there was a clinical depression was diagnosed, he answered in the negative. "No, no clinical depression I am disheartened suddenly, like some others Sometimes you look at the world and think 'Whoa' On other days you look.. and thinks 'Oh, everything's fine'. " After his sudden death, a spokeswoman confirmed his illness.

Addition to his depressive disorder, Robin Williams did in the past and always alcohol and drug life difficult. Whether these vices were indeed the cause of his death, the autopsy report is expected to show.