Aug 3, 2014

At each corner a correction: What is even more true of Kim Kardashian?

Not only is she the lady who shares the bed with Kanye West, it is a true work of art: Kim Kardashian knows exactly how she can put her curvy body perfectly. But is everything as natural as giving birth - or was here now probably at one point or another helped along a bit? The expert in any case is certain that there quite a bit has happened at the reality star.

Celebrity Flash showed the specialist for surgery and aesthetic surgery Dr. Med Mark A. Wolter some photos of the It Girls and the skilled worker fell while immediately a particularly striking:
 "If you look at the image falls on a first of the Breast The. looks as if it was made because the does not look as if there bra and much much push. " 
Even the fine Näslein Kim's excited quite skeptical when doctors - but in his opinion, not only bust and olfactory bulb have been subjected to a correction:
"So the buttocks here looks very voluminous More than natural.." 
This intervention would have its analysis from a distance but then already back some years ago, as said part of the body have not definitely changed since 2006.

"When Kim Kardashian, it looks as if the nose made and the chest expanded ", so once again the summary of Dr. Wolter.