Aug 8, 2014

Ariana Grande: 'Now that I have become who I really am'

Ariana Grande recently released his song "Break Free", a collaboration with Zedd. But the singer told during an interview, not wanting to sing lyrics grammatically incorrect. Here, writing tells you more

"Bang Bang" Ariana Grande is in the top 10 in the United States, news that should cheer the singer. However, in an interview for TIME Magazine, she confessed to being a little upset. The reason? His song "Break Free". Two sentences of this title would not be correct from a grammatical point of view. This would include "Now That I've Become who I really are" and "I only wanna die alive". Literally in French, they give respectively "Now I have become who I am" and "I just want to die alive." Writing is sure, Arianators him no hold rigor. But Ariana Grande appears in his formal interview.

Disturb the mistakes. She even broached the subject with his co-producer Max Martin. "I was talking to him all the time:" I will not sing the words grammatically incorrect, help me "Max replied:"! It's funny, do it simply "I know it's funny and stupid! but grammatically incorrect things sometimes make me cringe. "Errors or not, title wins still a success, and he is not alone. The extract of the new song Ariana Grande "Love Me Harder" was also very well received by Arianators. Did you notice errors in the lyrics to "Break Free"?