Aug 14, 2014

American Idol Anna-Carina: Painful nose job

Now they are finally on! The former American Idol participant Anna-Carina Woitschack had a nose job - and at the tender age of 17. In an interview with celebrity Flash reports the singer of the painful experience.

"I have suffered. I really had a very bad nose, so really a Huckel it and wrong and everything you can think of. I have had problems with breath. It looked really quite evil in the face," said Anna -Carina. The decision was quickly made: The then 17-year-old wanted to go under the knife. Despite the initial protests of their parents and many doctors who rejected partly because of the young age, the singer put through.

"The operation was very painful and lengthy. You really 14 days, a face, as if verboxt you would. It's really incredible.'s face is fully opened and everything is green and blue. " 

Repent has not Anna-Carina their decision. And the parents found the new nose beautiful

More OPs are not planned - at least for now.
"I'm generally not against plastic surgery if it all happened in the normal course anyone know if in a few. years, something is not right, I might let me do something. A boob job I can imagine. " 
Only the face is to remain off limits from now on.