Aug 3, 2014

Adopted Kim Kardashian a child from Thailand?

In June last year, the small North West to the world, the first child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came from. Quick was for the two realized that it also intended to provide further offspring. In addition, the couple would not make much difference in age among the children. If it goes to Kim, they would adopt a child from Thailand immediately.

During the current season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, the entire family was in Thailand. Here Kim visited an orphanage and fell in love there, apparently the little girl in pink. "I would adopt her immediately," the It girl told a little later on the beach her mother Kris Jenner and step-brother Brandon. But while Kim already looks to grow their family, Kris keeps the whole thing is not a good idea: "You can not just go to an orphanage, you fall in love with a child and take it home with you, as if you were to go shopping." But the head of the family has the same ready a motherly advice: "I bet there are other things you can do and make a difference in the life of this little girl things that you can do without bringing them home.. "

Kim Kardashian but would not be the first celebrity who would adopt a child. Even Madonna and Brangelina did. But their plans, they should discuss with husband Kanye West anyway for now. Although the is also for other children, but whether he is thrilled similar to that of the adoption plans such as his wife, seems questionable.