Aug 20, 2014

26-year-old boyfriend of Madonna: I prefer older women

Almost immediately after the break with Brahim Zaybatom 56-year-old Madonna began dating 26-year-old dancer Timor Steffens: the couple met in the winter in Switzerland. 

Madonna and Timor Steffens

In a new interview Steffens admitted that he always liked mature women:
between me and Madonna, there is a difference in age, but I did not notice. My friends have always been older than me, because I like it. I'm learning a lot.

Madonna is very inspiring. She's a fighter and a strong, independent woman. Most of my relationships were formed precisely with independent women who have their own opinions.
According dancer, singer strongly influenced his life:
She is not afraid to challenge. When all are on the right side, it will go to the left, to show that it has its own vision and way of expression. She's a strong woman who does not need to follow the general flow. That's what makes her an actress.
Recall Madonna met with Timor mansion designer Valentino during a Christmas party. In December 2013 the star broke up with 25-year-old dancer Brahim Zaybatom, which met from 2010 A to the singer he had an affair with a Brazilian male model and DJ Jesús Lusom, who at that time was 22 years old.

Madonna and Timor Steffens

Timor Steffens