Jul 8, 2014

Zhanna Friske on its feet and is recovering in the Baltic States

Zhanna Friske on its feet and is recovering in the Baltic States

First time in months Zhanna Friske on its feet. After prolonged treatment in clinics in Germany and the U.S. singer with his family moved to the Baltic. There's family rents a house in a quiet village. Since Zhanna (Jeanne) is inseparable mother Olga, Dmitry Shepelyov law husband and year-old son Plato. In the daytime, the singer is resting at home surrounded by loved ones, and in the evening the whole family full composition selected from the sea. While her husband commits Dima sports jogging along the coast, and for a small Plato, who had already started walking, looking after assistant, Jeanne herself, dressed in a comfortable tracksuit, leisurely strolls along the beach and busy talking to my mom. She does not avoid people - company Friske on the beach often are local residents with young children who enjoy playing with Plato. Here, in the quiet seaside village of July 8 actress and celebrate its jubilee - 40th anniversary.

Doctors say the singer remission. By Zhanna gradually returning eyesight partially lost due to a tumor, it noticeably thinner, and most importantly - on its feet and is able to move without a wheelchair. Now, after heavy chemotherapy, Friske will recover more than one month. For passage rehabilitation singer with his family to get away from the bustle of big cities.

His diagnosis Zhanna learned almost a year ago in Miami, a few months after birth. Despite the verdict of doctors - inoperable brain tumor - she decided to deal with a serious illness. First fought for her life, the German doctors, and then - the best doctors Oncology Center in New York and Los Angeles. All this time, all the time next to the star was her family and best friend - singer Olga Orlova. Learning about misfortune in the family known artist, responded to millions of ordinary people across the country. Thanks to the action "Jeanne, live!" Initiated by the charity organization "Rusfond" managed to collect more than 60 million rubles, which is more than enough not only for the treatment of the popular singer, but also save the lives of many cancer patients children from different parts of Russia.