Jul 13, 2014

Yes, she wanted to: Lindsay Ellingson is married!

Now it is officially a Mrs. Clayton: Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson is under the hood! In South Carolina, the blonde beauty has her fiance Sean placed in a small, very intimate ceremony wedding vows.

Six months after the engagement celebrated the happy couple with less than 100 guests in a beautiful estate in the countryside, a source told Us Weekly. On Thanksgiving Sean had stopped quite romantic in his parents' house for the hand of his beloved: "Sean's request was very special, he walked with me in Ohio on a beautiful snowy day in the woods for a walk at once he stopped to me. show where his parents had hineingeritzt their initials when they were in high school, "the bride-to-be had told of the request. ". I looked up and before I could realize it, he was already a magnificent ring on his knees"

From their newly wed spouse enthused the Victoria's Secret angels: "I am so happy, found a man like Sean to have, he has the biggest heart, he is so humorous and not to mention attractive! " She was sure he would a great husband - he can now prove yes.