Jul 15, 2014

Wedding Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson: video celebration

Wedding Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

For the second consecutive week in the media never tire of discussing wedding Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. The first details of the celebration, dress, rings, guests - has been said a lot, and pictures leaked to the Internet enough, but what could be better video that depicted emotions honeymooners and guests?

Online has video shot during the wedding ceremony of celebrities: Jessica and Eric sold gloss popular American law, not only for an exclusive interview and photos, but also on videotape.

Now we have an opportunity for two minutes to become parties to the festive event and see for yourself what so many have already written.

After the "tour" around the ranch in San Ysidro California, Santa Barbara, we finally meet the main characters:
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Johnson.
Loving gaze, tears of happiness, cheers close - yes really, truly magical wedding turned out!