Jul 21, 2014

Valeria, Oleg Gazmanov and Joseph Kobzon will not be allowed to Latvia

Valery, Oleg Gazmanov and Joseph Kobzon will not be allowed to Latvia

Russian star Valeria, Oleg Gazmanov and Joseph Kobzon included in the list of persons banned from entering now in Latvia. Recall that tomorrow starts in Jurmala music festival "New Wave", where they were to attend these artists.

Foreign Minister of Latvia Edgars Rinkevich said that the black list included the names of people who have recently supported the annexation of the Crimea Russia and "repeatedly and publicly spoke disparagingly about the actions of Ukraine".

Rinkevich explained that if the listed artists are already in the country, they will be asked to leave it:
Show with arrests and expulsions involving the police to these persons in any case would not be.
Incidentally, 2003 Kobzon in Latvia already announced persona non grata with the phrase "threat to national security and public order." However a year later the order was canceled, and almost every year the singer came to the "New Wave" in Jurmala.

Kobzon has already commented on the new solution MFA country, calling it a violation of human rights:
I am very sorry that violated human rights, the rights of the artist, the democratic rights movement. All these rights are violated without reason, simply because so sighed Barack Obama. Well, breathe with it, what else to say.
Producer Valerie Joseph Prigogine says that he intends to apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and international human rights organizations.

Note that Valeria is a member of the jury festival and had to speak at the opening ceremony and closing.

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