Jul 12, 2014

Sylvie Meis explains: Figure rumors ridiculous!

It is shrouded in a lot of rumors about Sylvie Meis. Some of them turn out later to be true, some are so unbelievable that you should ignore them better. Sylvie tried exactly that, even if they sometimes put a smile on the headlines can not resist.

Currently particularly amusing for the beautiful 36-year-old: You want her nutrition coach with every bite they want to take to ask for advice. When asked in an interview with RTL, Sylvie is understandably amused. "In addition, I also laughed so much today Meanwhile really become so ridiculous certain things I said to my make-up artist:.. 'Hey, I'm eating' I've never heard of one who believes that because..?"

As a public figure, many people for Sylvie interest - especially for their private life and precisely why such rumors form faster. She even takes it all relaxed. After all, white Sylvie best what they will do anything for her great body.

The fact that the course is no coincidence, that is clear. But must ask the Sylvie to eat for permission, that's a bit too far!