Jul 15, 2014

So sweet - Rachel Bilson with XXL belly when Baby Shopping

The actress sets up the nursery

Rachel Bilson with baby bump in Beverly Hills

Rachel Bilson, is enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest. In Beverly Hills we went now to the baby stuff shopping and this was her sweet baby ball no longer be overlooked ...

With XXL and XXS ball hotpants, the actress took a stroll through the shops and looked for anything that your heart desires an expectant mother - baby clothes, baby furniture and a lot of sweet things.

With a friend, she shopped among other things, be diligent in "Bell Bambini" and "Eggy". Then she left with bulging bags boutique. But whether she buys for a girl or a boy baby stuff, its sweet secret.

Still remains Judging by her proud stomach, but it should not take too long until this is solved.

Rachel Bilson leaves with a bulging shopping bag, the Baby Boutique

Rachel Bilson at the baby shopping with a friend