Jul 23, 2014

Selena Gomez celebrated a birthday in the company of Kara Delevin and two strangers

Instead of worrying about the lack of stability in his personal life, Selena Gomez went to France - to relax, unwind and celebrate 22 years on the yacht. Companies morally unstable boyfriend singer chose society girlfriend Kara Delevin and new friend, Tommy Chiabra.

Tommy, by the way, that you do not think too much - recently started dating Jessica Szohr, who starred in the TV series "Gossip Girl." So the festival was held in a very friendly atmosphere.

Judging Selena prefer active rest: in the entertainment program was riding on a water scooter, planning over the water under the dome of the huge yellow parachute - and that's not counting the numerous swims in sea.

And that nothing prevented enjoy the sun, sea and water sports, Selena chose a swimsuit with shorts, high-waisted shorts and a simple, fairly closed top. His eyes defended with "pilots".

Kara demonstrated its model shape using Open black swimsuit bikini and later changed into a white T-shirt and Hawaiian shorts Chanel.

Way, Selena and Kara and do not forget that the best styling and makeup on vacation - their absence, and looked at it just fine! Presumably, all thanks to the festive atmosphere. And yet - a delicious chocolate cake birthday girl.

Congratulates Selene 22 anniversary and invites you to enjoy the sunny and cheerful staff with her participation.