Jul 12, 2014

Representatives Litvinovoj 'If Renata is judged, it will destroy the reputation of L'Oreal!'

The famous actress intends to sue the company in moral damages

Promising 47-year-old co actress and director Renata Litvinova with global cosmetic giant L'Oreal was the cause of the conflict. In 2012, the "goddess" of Russian cinema has become a messenger Beauty L'Oreal Paris in Russia. Then the famous blonde appeared in advertising skin care line. Two years later, the French brand has decided to re-draw Renata, but in a different capacity, inviting her as a director. L'Oreal representatives offered to remove artistic short film actress for an advertising campaign of the company for a fee of 450 thousand rubles, promising position throughout Pulley solely as author's film. This spring Litvinov has been working on a 5-minute film, "One day in the park." However, after the final version netlenki was assigned to L'Oreal, the brand introduced the video contrary to the terms of the contract as a promotional video. Later commissioned by Vogue Magazine published an article with the offensive Renata feed. It said that the French brand is ordered Litvinovoj infomercial.

Renata Litvinova as a heroine for his film copyright L'Oreal

- We had a contract with the advertising company "McCann," which for many years cooperated with "L'Oreal" for the production of commercials. The terms of this agreement, we discussed three months, and from our side there was only one requirement - that it never called commercials - shared with SUPER agent Renata Litvinova Raisa Fomin. - Renata is now in utter horror, saying, "That is, I am for so little money shot the film, and I now say that I did commercials for L'Oreal? Okay, if I earned it, so I have my money and almost paid! »

Problems on interaction with cosmetic concern arose in Litvinovoj already during filming. Contrary to the request of the representative of the actress to provide people from L'Oreal, which could control the process of filming and adjust action Renata as a director to avoid adjustments already finished work in the future, the filming process, none of the customers and not tracked.

- I asked the representatives of the company in writing to write the necessary requirements to even complete creative freedom of the author, which guaranteed Renate, she was able to avoid some errors that Renata could not know - commented agent actress. - On the show rough cut out of key figures, and the film was approved with one comment - wipe tattoo on his shoulder of the actor (which was done on the same day), after which the film has been given for color correction, sound mixing and installation.

For his work on Litvinov received a fee of 450 thousand rubles

Three days after the date of delivery of the product from the customer's company came to remove the markings requirements firms scarf and bag actress. Litvinovoj began to come more and more new observations with the requirements of the advertised lipstick increase in the frame, and then completely cut ending. In order to accommodate all requests arising, the actress had to remake the movie 15 times at his own expense. Paid under the contract of 1.5 million rubles for the production of the film, the payment of actors, editors and a trip to Paris, where he filmed "One day in the park" is not enough. As a result, had to invest in Litvinovoj picture author of over two hundred thousand of its own funds.

- "McCann" said that he would not pay for it, and Renata give for all these rework their money. We chased them with a scandal, because the company told us that they have no money. As a result of a long debate, we stated: "So be it, we'll give you 100 million, and that's all." We agreed to this, but the money we have not returned. We also promised to provide make-up artist and hair stylist to the shooting, but also for their services we paid for yourself - 7500 euros for a makeup artist and hairdresser for Euro 4500. You know Renata, if it is judged, it will destroy the reputation of L'Oreal forever. They do not understand one thing - when you're dealing with people like it, you should be very careful in their statements and claims.

- Renata has been brought to a state of hysteria. Later, instead of just transfer money to us began to receive threatening letters - Raisa said Fomin. - I forwarded it all Renate. There wrote: "We will provide the court" and "You will pay for all damages." Renata went on the ceiling, she screamed and called to two o'clock in the morning! Now she has hired a lawyer and will fight to pay compensation to her! Moreover, they also published this ad, then all wrote that Renata was removed, and wrote music Zemfira.

However, according to the company L'Oreal, to bring the case to trial, they are not willing, preferring to resolve the conflict peacefully.

- I understand that the main claim by Renata Muratovna is Content article published in the magazine Vogue, which had been unduly affected the reputation Litvinovoj and aroused the indignation of all its group - explained SUPER lawyer of L'Oreal Natalya Maslennikov. - The article also says that the music was written by Zemfira, although of course we know that she did not do it. We do not want to deal with this situation through the courts. If you can sit down at the negotiating table to the court, we would gladly used it.

SUPER contacted the famous music video director and director Alan Badoev, who spoke about the amount of the fee that he usually asks for a similar job.

- For one day of shooting, I usually receive 15,000 euros. If I participate in the development of some creativity, of course, increase the amount - said Alan. - It is also very important to understand the location filming, their complexity and the number of days - all of these factors may also affect the price.