Jul 12, 2014

Photos: Ashton Kutcher takes fright fans with Rihanna on hotel door

Escorted by security, American actor arrived at the door of the place and decided to return after the turmoil caused by the departure of singer in Rio

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher had to adopt a "plan B" on the evening of Friday, 11, decided to leave when escorted by security guards from a hotel in Copacabana, Zona Sul Rio Second calculation of EGO, American actor wanted to take a ride on the boardwalk beach but ended up scaring with the amount of fans of singer Rihanna who were on duty at the entrance.

About 200 fans of Rihanna surrounded the vehicle and seized the right lane of Atlantic Avenue. The movement and the shouting came to be confused with a principle of trawler.

See the next video pictures Ashton Kutcher recorded by our staff at the hotel exit

Foreign tourists were frightened and ran to a restaurant next to the hotel. Others crossed the track running scared from being stolen. The change of fans also caught the attention of the Military Police who was patrolling round the site.

Despite the hype and excitement of Rihanna's followers, some of whom came to rise in the vehicle, there was no record of a serious incident according to information from the Municipal Guard.

Ashton Kutcher back to the hotel after trying out