Jul 23, 2014

Oxana Fedorova celebrated the first birthday of his daughter

Oxana Fedorova celebrated the first birthday of his daughter

The family of TV presenter and editor of a glossy magazine Oxana Fedorova great holiday - her youngest daughter Lisa ispolnilcya a year. Stellar mother, as expected, congratulated the girl in the early morning, writing in his "Instagrame": "Today my daughter's birthday! One year old. So fast time flies. Lizonka brought a special meaning in our lives. This tender and touching, our lovely girl. Happiness to you! Thanks to everyone who shared with us today this event. " On the photo posted Fedorov shows that Lisa grew markedly with age and promises to be as beautiful as she Oksana, once won the title "Miss Universe".

However, the beauty in this family - a matter of good genetics. Mom Oxana Fedorova Elena A., who recently turned 55 years old, was young as two drops of water similar to a daughter. And now she looks great - she is primed, well-kept and it does not give the age, which is indicated in the passport. By the way, once Elena A. and myself participated in beauty contests, and therefore advised her daughter to try their hand.

Note that Oxana Fedorova has repeatedly acknowledged that he dreams of a big family, and stay on the birth of two children not intends. So it is likely that soon Fedor and Lisa will brothers and sisters who are confident, will give the beauty of their mother.