Neymar dîne avec des amis au restaurant à Sao Paulo

Player also had the company of promoter David Brazil

Neymar dined with friends at restaurant in Sao Paulo. The player also had the company of promoter David Brazil On leaving the place, David made a selfie in which Neymar appears driving his car and joked: "He broke the bed. Each to their own, to make it clear, huh (laughs), "wrote the promoter profile on Instagram.

While Neymar enjoyed with friends, Bruna Marquezine, player's girlfriend, posed in a studio in São Paulo. The actress was photographed for the magazine "Top Magazine" late on Monday, 21.

Neymar Brazil with David and friends in the restaurant

Neymar in restaurant in Sao Paulo

Neymar poses with fans

David Brazil s Neymar

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