Jul 28, 2014

Miranda Kerr: a big liar?

Unmasked. If you believe the New York Daily News, Miranda Kerr would not single as she recently said. The top even adopt "extreme measures" to not be followed when going to find the arms of her millionaire James Packer.

Miranda, a mytho? Recently, the second highest paid model in the world, very discreet ordinary about his private life, confided to the Sydney Morning Herald to sweep the rumors and assured not to be more than just a friend to James Packer.

Affirming be a single lady, the latter stated:..
 "I do not seek anyone either I'm really happy being single at the moment, to devote myself fully to my work and Flynn All this me takes time "
But according to the New York Daily News, there is actually something else that takes him a lot of time. extreme measures it must bend to see her in secret millionaire !

Miranda Kerr takes many precautions to escape the paparazzi and keep this secret romance. Former Orlando Bloom have a well established strategy:
"It takes a taxi, spring, waiting fifteen minutes then resumes another taxi,"
 said a source close to the star, well aware of his little game. He added:
"She then stops to ensure that nobody is going to follow"
 ... Otherwise, to the wise, small board, simply formalize!