Jul 27, 2014

Melissa McCarthy: Family quarrel with cousin Jenny

Not since her comedy show "Mike & Molly" is a real hit, Melissa McCarthy enjoys a large fan base worldwide. Her relaxed and confident dealing with their extra pounds makes it a role model for millions of women. But in her own family, the actress is so popular not everybody. During their also famous cousin Jenny McCarthy it should not even be invited to the wedding

For years should be between Celebrity ladies prevail Ice Age and that, although she once had a good relationship with each other. "Jenny has helped Melissa to set foot in the industry., But now that Melissa's career runs, Jenny feels she has no time for them," says an acquaintance of the situation told The Enquirer. Sounds as if her cousin Jenny is jealous of the success. And so Melissa said in Howard Stern's radio show then that they will not go to Jenny's wedding to Donnie Wahlberg, as the two ladies would now live in completely different worlds. It would be such a wonderful event like a wedding but actually the perfect occasion for a reconciliation!