Jul 3, 2014

Lover Anastasia Volochkova twice called an ambulance after having sex with a ballerina

Barely had time to subside scandal allegations Anastasia Volochkova in prostitution, as in real life the actress suffered another unpleasant incident. This afternoon lover ballerina businessman Bakhtiar Salimova overcame a serious illness. After the pleasures of love with Anastasia 45-year-old man felt unbearable pain in his back. The reason for the attack he became diagnosed lumbar hernia. Ambulance went by the address where a couple twice, but painkillers are not brought the desired effect. Salimov still unable to take a vertical position and is now bedridden. The star itself is very sad event occurred.

- Bakhtiyar not that lying, he just could not get out of bed! It all started with gatherings at the restaurant, when we celebrated our reunion feet up, because the sofa was very low. No exercise, except for sex, we did not have ... The day we had sex twice. Ambulance left, and it still will not let go - said Volochkova physicians.

It is worth noting that in medical practice various attacks after sexual intercourse - a very common phenomenon. As the leading urologist Andrey Morozov, during sex drive slips of intervertebral space in the direction of the spinal canal and starts peredavlivat. Expert does not rule out an attack Bakhtiyar Salimov could be triggered by a certain posture in which to have intercourse.