Jul 15, 2014

Laysan Utiasheva not understand the motives of Olga Buzova

Laysan Utiasheva not understand the motives of Olga Buzova

Laysan Utiasheva athlete admitted he did not understand what guided leading "House-2" Olga Buzova. Both girls take part in a new project of TNT channel "DANCE" - Utiasheva be his leading and Buzov become one of the jury members.

Gymnast said that during the casting Olga chose not suitable for the project contestant: "Olga chose unformatted participant, and we do not know what to do with it now. Maybe the girl now and praying for her, but eventually expel it will have me, and bad for her I would. " "Our training this Manya not exactly stand, and we offend anyone not want" - emphasizes Utiasheva. The team selected to participate, 176 people, although had to choose only 100 of which in the end should remain 24.

On the show "Dancing," which will be aired on August 23 on channel TNT, participants will compete for the title of best Russian dancer and 3 million rubles. Two contestants will assist the professional in the field of dance - directed and choreographed Yegor Druzhinin, as well as a dancer and producer Miguel. In addition, they will enter the jury, where the third judge will be a popular character TNT. In this role, in turn, appear, in addition to Olga Buzova husband Laysan Pavel Volya, Sergei Svetlakov and Timur Batrutdinov.

Laysan itself like no other, with participants experiencing all the joys and failures: "My mom and I and a friend , and a vest. That's me go dancers to cry or, conversely, to rejoice together. And that's it then I say that they have not been. " But do not just support Utiasheva contestants athlete managed to save one of the girls' 16-year-old gymnast is not entirely successful show your phone number. Miguel, in principle, does not like gymnasts, so it objectively discarded. Just in this transfer to judges Pasha was my husband, I told him all the forces showed that it should take, but he could not stand the pressure. I first went on stage and danced back, and then said that we take it under my responsibility ».

Leading" DANCE "is also no secret that he supports the project on female twins, and it is relevant to them is justified: "The first association with this dance - mom. It's about death, that passed through me. I sobbed the whole performance. " Laysan early lost her mother, who was her best friend. But some participants Honored Master of Sports is not so favorable. For example, a girl does not like it when the dancer turning his backside to the jury and begin to shake the limbs.

Show organizers promise to surprise the audience, "Here, in addition to art and performances, which should certainly meet our requirements, still needed and personality, emotions. This project is a new format. Everything you see on the screen, actually happened. It is life itself. " And indeed, life circumstances often decided the fate of the characters: a girl passed the initial screening, could not participate further, as learned about the pregnancy, the other missing shoes, and she had to act in someone else's shoes, and in the third and did not come partner . Incidents on this too does not end, the rest we can already see on TV.

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