Jul 23, 2014

Lana Del Rey: 'I was close with many of the music industry'

Lana Del Rey

In one recent interview with Lana Del Rey has admitted that was close with many of the music industry, but she has made a career. So 27-year-old singer explained the meaning of a new single titled F-ked My Way Up to the Top, which can be translated as "pave the way to success through the bed."

Del Rey stated the following:

I met with the head of the record company for seven years. I had an intimate relationship with many guys from the industry, but none of them helped me to enter into contracts.

Recall not so long ago Lana broke up with musician Barry James O'Neill, as she wanted freedom. The couple began dating in 2011.

According to Star, she feels guilty of breaking these relationships:

Certainly, the novel was destroyed because of depression and uncertainty. These relations are impossible because of my emotional instability.

Since parting Lana and Barry James singer was often seen in the company of fashion photographer Francesco Karrozzini. According to insiders, they have a serious relationship.

Lana Del Rey