Jul 19, 2014

Kim & Kanye look-alike baby for Nori!

That Kim Kardashian and Kanye West nothing is too expensive when it comes to their sweet daughter Northwest, they have often proved, after all, wearing the little brat already diamond earrings! And when it comes to Noris security, the proud parents put a fortiori no budget limit. Her latest idea: Kim & Kanye want to engage a double for North West!

Since it last came too ugly racist hostility and the photographer on strike downright to get a photo of the small North, Kimye to now agree: Nori needs a double-Baby! "There were even auditions in LA from an agency that specializes in such desires", said a source familiar with the American magazine Grazia. But that's not enough: "They have also cast a double-Nanny, so the paparazzi soon really pursue the wrong baby."

Have let Kim & Kanye allegedly cost $ 800,000 this fun. Whether you plan so that really comes up? The photographers will in any case probably look twice if they really have the real Nori front of the lens!