Jul 12, 2014

Kanye West was disappointed in Kim Kardashian

Is Kanye West will be the next Kris Humphries? 46 days of marriage the couple spent only 10 days together. While rapper gives concerts, Kim Kardashian fun vengeance.

Just 46 days ago, Kim Kardashian Kanye West said, "I agree." For a luxurious wedding in Florence followed by no less chic honeymoon here and it became known portal RadarOnline, the couple began to experience difficulties.

Of the 46 official days of marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent with each other only 10. Sources also say that when they are together, then look miserable.

As it turned out, Kanye West just disillusioned wife. It all started during the honeymoon, which the couple spent in Ireland and the Czech Republic. Kim was unhappy with the Irish climate and the lack of luxury boutiques. When Kanye was trying to organize excursions to local attractions, this did not arouse interest teledivy.

«Kanye miserable. He just realized that most interested Kim shopping and relax at the pool. He's upset that she was not keen on anything else and does not want to experience new sensations. After Kanye really did not like her, "- said the source.

However weird that Kanye West, whose relationship with Kim Kardashian began in 2012, saw the flaws in the character of his beloved only after wedding.