Jul 19, 2014

Jason Biggs has apologized for a joke on the collapse of the Malaysian 'Boeing'

Jason Biggs has apologized for a joke on the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing

July 17, a few hours after news of the collapse of the Malaysian "Boeing" in eastern Ukraine, actor Jason Biggs inappropriate joke on the disaster in Twitter. The star of "American Pie" asked the subscribers do not want anyone to buy bonus miles accumulated on his card frequent flyer airline Malaysian Airlines.

Next, 36-year-old actor added:

Seriously, how can mistakenly shoot down a commercial plane? Of course, this is the most sad for the victims and their families. But Malaysia Airlines - airline awesome. It will be difficult to recover. 

After that Internet users rebelled and began to rebuke him for his insensitivity and inappropriateness of jokes in the comments. Biggs first delete offensive remarks and answered aggression, and then still apologized:

I delete my previous tweets. People were offended, I'm not going to do it. Excuse me.

Course, this is a terrible tragedy, and everyone, including me, are saddened and feel anger. I think about the victims and their families only positively. PS No one is forcing me to write these tweets - I just know that my comments might seem insensitive and inappropriate. Sorry for that. 

Recall evening July 17 in eastern Ukraine crashed "Boeing 777" airline Malaysian Airlines, as a result of the disaster killed 283 passengers from ten countries and 15 crew members. Plane flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.