Jul 27, 2014

In the 'prison': Kelly Osbourne is groped bad

Well, Kelly Osbourne and actor Pablo Schreiber but quite come close ... And although the man clearly committed with the mustache here sexual assault on the beauty with purple hair, YOU plugged in American prison garb? What's going on?

Of course, the two have allowed a joking and playing on the recorder role in the successful Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black" to. It embodies the 36 year old in a recurring role the disgusting prison guard George Mendez, who among the inmates not only because of his appearance on the nickname "pornstache", ie porn mustache, listen: Mendez smuggled for sexual favors drugs into prison and terrorizing the inmates - . necessary even by force

In this role slipped writer apparently also the occasion of the preparation of this year's Young Hollywood Award, for which he in the category of "We love to hate you" (Eng.: We love it is nominated to hate you). Kelly Osbourne will be moderating the event and has obviously rehearsed a skit with the actor. The two let them know about their Instagram pages: ". I watch you the YHAwards on Monday, then you see what these two perverts have done in the same room"