Grandpa and Grandma Bruce Demi: Tallulah Willis is pregnant?

Less than a day ago in Instagram one of the daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore appeared provocative image: Tallulah published in social networks shot that clearly hinted that she was pregnant. Thank for the news blogger UsySnijanny.

Excited meeting with his new little friend.

- Signed frame girl, which she is depicted with a round tummy.

Also, Tallulah supplemented message hashtag # happy, # newlife, # babyonboard - happy, new life, a child on board.

Worth noting that this is not only a shot like this, makes me wonder - "Bruce and Demi will grandparents? ".

Representatives of some of the media have already expressed their doubts - many believe that Willis only joking. However, there were also those who believe that the daughter of Hollywood actors and the truth is in an interesting position.

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