Jul 23, 2014

Former pilot John Travolta talk about communication with the actor

Former pilot John Travolta Gotterbi Douglas received the legal right to reveal all the details of 6-year relationship with the actor, who is likely to go beyond the job. July 22 Court of California issued an appropriate decision.

Note Gotterbi previously won a preliminary hearing, but Travolta's lawyers attempted to obstruct the process. However, they rejected the claim, and Douglas intends to share the details of communication with the actor not only in the courtroom, but also in the book.

According to the ex-pilot 60-year-old star, they met in 1981 during the interview. By early autumn of their relationship went beyond the workers confirmed that one of the former assistants John Joan Advance. Their relationship ended in 1987, and during dismissal Gotterbi signed document confidentiality.

In 2012 he began to share details with the media, and the lawyer said Travolta predictably non-compliance with the conditions of the signed paper. Next, Douglas began to seek court assistance in California, where he was advised to file a claim for the right to speak openly about the relationship with the actor. Gotterbi attempt was successful.

As a result, the public will soon be the world a chance to learn about John Travolta lot.