Jul 20, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres: Filmed dispute in alcohol intoxication

Normally, it's Ellen DeGeneres itself, chatting with the celebs on their private secrets and also like to have one or the other bomb can explode. But currently it is the private life of the presenter and not that of their guests, which made a splash - and likely as not the otherwise good-humored Ellen fit in the stuff. After first came to the public that there is a crisis in marriage, now come gradually more and piquant details to light, which illustrate the extent of the problems between the blonde and her wife Portia de Rossi.

The talk show host and her partner should have regularly so extreme argued that Portia has decided one day to take up some of the conflicts secretly on video. At this time Portia was already addicted to alcohol. When Ellen got from the proof videos wind, it should be disengaged normal. The U.S. magazine InTouch reports that Ellen is not only the mobile phone to their wife to have wrecked, but all the emails should have checked to verify that Portia has sent that video to someone.

It is well understandable that the otherwise sympathetic acting TV Lady does not want her fans to see the video, so that their image is not damaged. Despite all the adversity want Ellen and Portia are working on their relationship.