Jul 11, 2014

Drug dealer told how selling heroin Angelina Jolie (PHOTO AND VIDEO)

Drug dealers introduced the world to a shocking video of 15 years ago

heroin Angelina Jolie

The owner of the "Oscar", the wife of Brad Pitt, an exemplary mother of six children and human rights activist Angelina Jolie, the assurances of drug dealers, was once dependent on hard drugs. This was told 68-year-old trader illegal drugs Franklin Meyer, who is now serving a prison sentence. He argues that in the late 1990s was the star of his regular customer. After one of the transactions, when Franklin once again delivered Angelina heroin with cocaine, he shot her in the video. The meeting took place in an apartment in Manhattan actress. According to Meyer, she looked haggard, and her skinny arms were completely covered with needle marks. Dealer claims that the shooting with the consent of the actress.

- We met 2-3 times a week. On the street, in the hotel or in her apartment. Each time she was paying for heroin and cocaine about $ 100. Sometimes she took drugs in front of my eyes. She did not care who is next - told reporters drug dealer.

On 16-minute video feverishly Jolie walks on his apartment and talking on the phone with her father Jon Voight. Actress sunken eyes bloodshot. The apartment is in disarray actress. On the table mountain of garbage and empty beer cans, and clothes scattered on the floor.

However, the movie does not confirm that the actress is talking with his father. In snatches can assume that Jolie speaks with her boyfriend. However, Meyer argues that the woman had discussed with his brother James Voight and late mother. Star looks desperate, during a conversation she scratched her skin, which were red marks.

heroin Angelina Jolie

Talk to the video hard to make out. In a stream of incoherent speech can be heard as Angelina says: - "You know, I do not care what kind of house. I once said that if I stop working ... She told me to relax. I said that if I do not work for you, if I do not earn enough? You stay in the apartment until I earn a lot of money to buy a house anymore. What if something happens to me? I do not want to ruin our relationship, and we can go shopping to buy something for dinner, visiting some places, but not only buy for themselves ».

Itself 39-year-old star has yet to respond to publish video interviews and a drug dealer.

heroin Angelina Jolie