Jul 15, 2014

Charlie Sheen wants a baby with his fiancée

Charlie Sheen wants a baby with his fiancée

Charlie Sheen plans to get even with his fiancée Scottine Rossi children. The passionate stepmother was with the sons of the former "Two and a Half Men" - this also accompanied Stars, Max and Bob, for ice cream on the way and was the mother of the twins, Brooke Mueller.

Such family outings provide at the 25 - year-olds apparently for large maternal feelings - against "TMZ" she confessed that she had already discussed with Sheen about other offspring. When asked if she wants to have a baby, Rossi explains: "Yes, that's so far everything we have agreed.."

Next explains the blonde next to the twins also has three stepdaughters of Sheen, but that they do not need to rush sees in terms of more offspring, "He has five great kids So far, we have already made it I think we.. should focus on the fantastic, what we have right now, "said the former porn star.

That Rossi and Mueller to well understand the relationship between Sheen and his ex has improved. Meanwhile reign between all of them, "Peace, Love and Harmony", which also leads that she and her lover are allowed to see the boys whenever they want.

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