Jul 19, 2014

Calvin Harris prevents new album by Rita Ora

Calvin Harris prevents new album by Rita Ora

As we recall, the popular British singer Rita Ora Calvin Harris broke up with more than a month ago, but the consequences of this gap was slightly worse than might have been expected.

Breakup couple threatens to delay the release of the new album Ora: she recorded a number of tracks with ex-boyfriend, who now refuses to give consent for their use. Calvin insists that the songs they recorded together (including the hit and I Will Never Let You Down), Rita does not have the right to publish on their album.

According to the British newspaper, a source familiar with the situation inside:

After breakup Rita faced certain obstacles to release the album: with Harris was recorded about 10-12 tracks, and this - the main part of the long-awaited record.

insider commented actions of the former singer of a young man as follows:

Calvin wants ultimately to interrupt what whatsoever relationships - both personal and business. He already gave her one so powerful hit and did not think that I should give something else. And he did not want his name mentioned and assotstsirovalos Rita. Especially now, when everyone is talking about what she meets Ricky Hilfiger. 

Recall first album Rita Ora released in 2012. Included in his tracks, such as RIP and How We Do (Party), became a superhit. Hopefully, the new disc will repeat the success of the debut of the singer - no matter what.