Jul 6, 2014

Bruna Marquezine talks about Neymar on the web: 'The record has not fallen'

The actress wrote about the incident that took athlete Cup and sent his message to the boyfriend, 'I love you to my black and with you until the end!'.

Bruna Marquezine used a social network, on Saturday, 5 to talk first about the incident of the match Brazil vs Colombia on Friday, 4 which culminated with the departure of Neymar field with a fractured vertebra in the third region lumbar.

In social network, Neymar girlfriend wrote that "the record has not fallen ', Bruna also talks about the love that her boyfriend is getting people from all over Brazil and refers to what Neymar is passing as' our pain. " Bruna testimony ends with an affectionate phrase. 'I love you, my black. Kisses, Your Bru '. During the 'Cauldron of Huck' program the presenter Luciano Huck said that Bruna was crying through the halls of Projac. The actress shot scenes of the novel 'In Family', which follows in the stretch.

Besides Bruna Raffaela Santos, sister and player Neymar father also manifested in social networks with messages of support for the player. Famous of Brazil and the world also regretted the incident that took the ace of the Brazilian national team for the World Cup. Before leaving the concentration in Granja Comary, Neymar left a message in a video posted on the official website of the Brazilian Football Conferderação, CBF.

The actress only learned of what had happened with her boyfriend after the game , in which Brazil emerged victorious by 2-1, and cried a lot at the news. She was with her sister Neymar, Santos to Rafaella, and was advised to not go to the hospital in which the player was serviced in Fortaleza, because of the press.

After being serviced, Neymar followed the early hours of Saturday, 5 to Comary Granja, in Rio de Janeiro, with the rest of the selection. By early afternoon, he went to his house in Guaruja in Sao Paulo, helicopter
"'John 13:7 Jesus said to him: What I do thou knowest not now;. but you will understand later. "This record has not fallen! but I do not want to talk about suffering, or our pain, nor that all unrighteousness! I only say that you are loved TOO! Te remember that the God we serve is miraculous and will heal you in an inexplicable way, that the final word is His, not no doctor! There was nothing undone! Are you new, it will make all your dreams, achieve many goals because their light is worthy and never will end because it comes from God He loves you very much! Now let it go, you always say that everything passes, and it's true! Are you strong and God never gives a larger cross we can endure, He believes you can go through it and he has much bigger plans for you! I believe it!'m praying for u and for all that will follow strong selection! You really helped team to get where he is today if he wants and we will be champions! For you and for the Glory of God! Your dream will be realized, not over! Was interrupted only! I love you to my black and with you until the end! Kisses, Your Bru ".

Neymar gets hurt during the game against Colombia

Bruna Marquezine