Jul 11, 2014

Breast surgery at Selena Gomez: She's over the top!

Is this really all natural? Selena Gomez is shown in this picture, as always, very stylish, but what jumps much more eye-catching than her fashion skill is their bust size. Because the current is something bulging therefore.

Breast surgerySelena Gomez

We remember: Actually, Selena has always been one of those women who had a small bust, which was perfect for her petite figure. Of which is currently nothing more to see. With padded neckline and no bra Sel strolls out of a restaurant in New York. Especially striking: the contours of her bosom no longer look very natural. Celebrity Flash asked this, an expert ". Those missing so the measure of the make everything so that we can only shake our heads," said Prof. Dr. Frank W. Peter over the beauty craze of Hollywood celebrities.

He speaks exactly what's been a long time observed in the United States. The pressure to always be the fairest, is extreme. Especially young girls an ideal dive behind and forget that they are also naturally beautiful. What is really going on in Selena neckline that so far only know herself But Dr. Mark Wolter, surgical specialist, holds a surgery very likely: "In the picture with the transparent top, one can say with a very high probability that the breast is enlarged, since the distribution is atypical. in the lower range, especially the right, missing volume and above the chest is overflowing. It looks as if the implant was placed too high if the old inframammary left and. "

In Sels possible OP seems to be so did not go according to plan: "Usually implants are set so that about 50 percent above and 50 percent below the nipple where it looks like 80/20 to 90/10. from. below This volume is missing and you can see above the edges. "