Jul 21, 2014

Beyonce and Jay-Z to part after the tour?

After all the many attempts to save the relationship, Beyonce and Jay-Z still decided to leave. Withdraw from each other performers will gradually, because now they give joint tour On The Run, which will last until December (the end point, we recall, is a concert in Paris).

Until then, the former will have to suffer each other's company. However, as reported by some sources, wedding rings have already been removed:

They are no rings on your fingers, if you have not noticed. They try to leave without formally dissolving marriage: On The Run - a huge concert tour, and the bulk of the money from the organizers of the concerts, which will take place within it, has already been obtained.

As we remember, in the hope of preserving family couple resorted to all known methods: consulted a family psychologist, seek the advice of a friend, in the end, just pretend that nothing is happening. Even the birth of daughter Blue Ivy, two years ago, if you believe the rumors, did not help to strengthen the relationship.

Source of entourage explains:

For some time their relationship really was all in envy. But then Jay pulled to devote himself to a career BBC plunged into their affairs. And they did the classic and most common mistake - had hoped that having a baby will help to regain the closeness and the fire in the relationship. But this did not happen. 

 Recall that the beginning of a series of rumors about the imminent divorce put the May incident in the elevator.