Jul 23, 2014

Bachelorette confession: Thomas R. has small penis

Whether this confession really Thomas' best after? Actually it is at the bachelorette to do it, to show the best side to present its advantages and Anna Christiana Hofbauer to convince. But Thomas R. seems to focus on his honesty. All well and good, but maybe not advisable if you have a small ... Thomas has only.

"I NEN little ones. Mine is really small. Thats real ... So that is me almost embarrassing," 
the 33-year-old admits tonight in the second episode its competitors in the pool. The other men are silent then, how should we respond to such a spicy confession too? But quite possible that this Thomas' openness someday use skillfully against him and the beautiful Anna tell from the little Thomas. But the trained musical performer seems anyway to put more emphasis on other properties. In the single-date with the citizens of Hamburg, both come pretty close and Thomas brings Anna with his humor hearty laugh. That he has so pack your bags already on the second night of roses because of its small confession, is rather unlikely.

Thomas R

Anna Christiana Hofbauer