Jul 8, 2014

All the matter in length: a new haircut Kristen Stewart

new haircut Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart never ceases to amaze us - recently the actress sported long hair orange and red, and today celebrity public demonstration completely different hairstyle, which, in general, and the hair is hard to call.

Few hours ago star appeared on the Chanel show as part of Fashion Week in Paris, where he led puzzled many journalists and colleagues - Stewart got rid of long curls, opting for a short hairstyle.

worth noting that also changed and hair shade Stewart - of bright it turned into almost pastel and preserved only at the tips.

As for styling, the actress has decided to do without it: apparently, Kristen just blow dry hair and went to the fashion show.

What about the new image of the Hollywood star?

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart