Jul 23, 2014

3. Date of Death: Amy Winehouse interview appeared!

Amy Winehouse

Today, exactly three years died Amy Winehouse of alcohol poisoning with a total of 4.16 per thousand in the blood. Meanwhile, the exceptional talent would be 30 years old - and most like already the mother of a child. Full of melancholy reads a first time published interview in which Amy Winehouse talked about her former plans for the future ...

Journalist John Marr interviewed the singer in 2004 and laid the conversation with Amy because of their time still to low Popularity shelved.
 "In ten years I'll be 30 years old and maybe have a baby,"
 the Briton looked then still optimistic on what was to come.
 ". I see myself as a domestic wife with children I think I would be a good mother, at least I hope so If I have children, I want a lot - at least five," 
said Amy on. At that time, she has performed many On-/Off-Beziehung with Blake Fielder-Civil. Whether their following statement therefore stirred?
"When I think of a family life in the future, because a man is not really involved - this is a bit weird."
Amy Winehouse was in 2004 also asked how one should remember them later. This wish has come true:
"I would like to be remembered as someone in mind who was not satisfied with just one level musical skill, but was a pioneer I have so much time to accomplish all this is so exciting... stay with me for years to make music. "