Jun 23, 2014

Megan Fox: It's hard to be a working mom

Megan Fox

In anticipation of the release of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Megan Fox gave a frank interview with Parents and admitted that being a working mom is very difficult. Heart belongs to the family of the actress, and not work, so Megan decided to act in only one film a year. Recall she and Brian Austin Green's two sons - almost 2-year-old Noah and 4-month-old Bodie.

28-year-old star explained:

Most maternity reflected on my desire to work. I never was incredibly ambitious and dreamed of a career. But as soon as I first got pregnant, and even more so when birth to a second son, I realized: to be hard working mom. In particular, when your heart is not working, and family. I have to act in a movie a year to invest in the future of their children, pay their college tuition and contain them. I'm looking for projects, which was filmed in Los Angeles and I am speaking as part of the cast. Thus, in order to appear 10-20 days. For me, the main thing - to absent themselves from the children as little as possible. 

What's it like to raise small children?

Obviously, it is complete chaos. As long as you become a mother, you do not realize how much hard work it is and how much you should invest in it. And then you have the baby and think, "Oh, my baby to me - it is the whole world." Every moment is dedicated to this only child. And then suddenly you have two toddlers! Their needs are completely different, because Noah almost two years, and Body - four months. I really difficult to deal with it, because I do not let them watch TV. So I can not just put in front of him and Noah to do Body.

I have to accustom Noah to ensure that he was helping me take care of my brother. And while I have to make sure that he was not jealous that all lacked focus and all needs are met. It's hard, because I do not think I could ever give them one hundred percent attention and give yourself entirely. So I live in guilt. Understand whether each of them how much he means to me and how much I love him? And if they are aware of their uniqueness? 

Megan does not allow kids to watch TV shows, movies but allowed

In the movies, there is a beginning, middle and end. They are linear and clear. This is different from being able to just put a child in front of TV, which broadcasts in non-stop ...

I understand that I can not forever prohibit them from watching it. I just want to extend it as long as possible. My goal - no computers and mobile phones, at least until the eighth grade. 

Megan starred in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", being pregnant:

I always took with him a big pack of saltine crackers, wherever you go. So in between takes, I quickly went and put in the mouth crackers, so I was not sick. 

Recall release "Turtles" is scheduled for August of this year.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox