Jun 30, 2014

Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo on his temple

A few days ago 29-year-old daughter of the great and terrible Ozzy Osbourne - Kelly - gave his followers on Instagram another reason to discuss their own appearance.

Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo on his temple

As we remember, a few months ago the singer and co-host of the show "Trendy control" has acquired a purple mini-mohawk. And this Saturday Kelly released four pictures in Instagram, from which it is clear that experiments with ongoing manner.

The photo captures a laborious and, undoubtedly, a very painful process of tattooing at Kelly Temple. For the result - a bright purple lettering "Stories" - Kelly thanked Dr. Woo, one of the most successful and sought after tattoo artists in Hollywood. His new image mastodon daughter of heavy metal and presenter escorted comment in Instagram:
Sorry, moms and dads, but I like it! 

Recall that in January Kelly broke up with Matthew Mosshart, however, as they say, has regained consciousness and, quite possibly, will lead a new novel soon.

According to knowledgeable sources, there are at least two candidates. One of them - 23-year-old Quincy Koumz with which they grew up together. According to insiders, they spend a lot of time together and enjoy each other's company, which, however, it is not surprising to childhood friends.

And by the way, this handsome - not the only one who has his eye on Kelly. Model of Britain's Ricky Hall recently frequenting on her page in Instagram. Flirting on his part Kelly reciprocate. The great advantage of 27-year-old male model - an impressive beard: say, Kelly finds guys with a beard very attractive.

Maybe this beauty and related experiments singer?

Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo on his temple

Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo on his temple
Harmonious way, is not it?