Jun 23, 2014

Jennifer Aniston will be to raise a child without Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston

Tragic turning point came in the life of a pregnant Jennifer Aniston. The actress will be to raise a child alone, and the hapless groom she kicked out of the house. Sensational details leading American magazine In Touch.

Jennifer Aniston decided to part with Justin Theroux, after he has once again postponed their wedding. Actress allegedly already removes things from his beloved home. The couple who got engaged in 2012, still can not get a relationship, and the press increasingly writes that the bride and groom moved away and cooled to each other.

However, we can not say whether this information untrue. After Jennifer Aniston still has not commented on the rumors about her pregnancy, and that the actress is in an interesting position, reports exclusively magazine In Touch. However, also note that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have not appeared together.