Jun 10, 2014

Friendship bracelet, no thanks!: Cara Delevingne is new Tattoo!

Only in May presented itself Cara Delevingne for the Cannes Film Festival with a new tattoo, now there is another new decorated spot on her body: According to the oriental-style decoration in the neck they could now be shared with a friend the initials "DD "tattooed on her hip.

"So happy to have our DDs!" Cara announced euphoric at Instagram and framed the new tattoo very pregnant with meaning with a heart. The letters are likely doing for the last name of Cara and bosom friend Jourdan Dunn are. After the two last British Models in New York were for a campaign together in front of the camera, they seemed at the opportunity and taken their friendship to have perpetuated that tattoos in the form.

Why the connectedness also show only a conventional friendship bracelet? It may be there already for more tattoo fan Cara! After another famous model had to remove the remains of their failed marriage until a few months ago, probably at least have been the better choice a tattoo in honor of a good friend in the case of Cara.