Jun 23, 2014

Dmitry Shepelev helps wake up son

Zhanna Frisk husband presenter Dmitry Shepelyov shared amusing details of the life of Plato, who turned one in April.

Definitely, the best means to wake up, one of those that I had to try - it's a son, wrote to me on the pillow, - wrote in Shepelyov "tweet."
Anchorman once said he wanted to be for Plato not only a good father, but first and foremost a friend. So he was happy for his son comes up with all sorts of entertainment. For example, he made a house out of a cardboard box. However Shepelyov shtudiruet books and articles on the development and education of children.

Note that in America, where Zhanna Friske undergoing treatment, the family is living a normal life. Like all parents, they Jeanne spend all the time with his son: walk, swim, go to the store and on the playground, go to the cafe.

Recently Zhanna Frisk father said that his daughter will return to Russia in late July . "In late July, the daughter returns to Russia and tell myself that it sees fit," - said Vladimir Borisovich.