May 5, 2014

Victoria Beckham refused to work on a wedding dress Kim Kardashian?

If you believe the press, Kim Kardashian intended to marry in a dress by Victoria Beckham, British celebrity but this idea was not happy.

Tabloids wrote that a few months ago, the bride (and now also lawful spouse) Kanye West Beckham approached with a proposal to create a dress for a grand wedding celebration.

Victoria refused, referring to employment, but as a reported insider Briton just afraid to ruin the reputation of their brand and "devalue" it by working with a star reality show.

A source close to celebrities says:

Kim really wanted on this important day to wear a dress from Victoria Beckham, but it works with the stars of class A, including the crowned heads, and do not want to be related to the world of reality stars. And indeed it is, as a rule, is not engaged in a wedding dress.

However, experienced Kardashian apparently short-lived, according to the press, the dress in which a shapely brunette goes to the altar, created for her fashion house Balmain. And perhaps not only it: according to rumors, during the celebration of luxury in Paris Kim will replace three whole outfit.