May 11, 2014

Rita Ora: So it becomes Mia in ' Shades of Grey '

When it was announced that singer Rita Ora has managed to get an acting role, was a real surprise. However, was even greater than it was certain that she would be calculated on the bestseller adaptation Shades of Grey of the party. Not such an easy task for the British singer because she had to have an American accent as Mia Grey in the film calculated.
"That's why I needed definitely a special coaching and also had acting training. In the film, for I have an American accent. And I see quite different, because I'm wearing a brown, cropped wig," Rita told MTV News. "It was really nice to get into a whole other world that I was not used to., But it was also quite difficult."

With a little trick but then Rita has mastered their task quite adept, as she explained: "On the set, I had accent coaches who have whispered me my text with the right emphasis in the ear, and we have it then turned immediately afterwards. " Her fans will certainly looking forward to the results!