Apr 8, 2014

WWE: 'Undertaker' had to be hospitalized!

In Mark William Calaway alias Wrestling The Undertaker is already a living legend. This is not surprising, is the man but so far have been undefeated in the ring of WrestleMania. At least until last Sunday. Since the 49-year-old suffered not only his first loss at all, but a severe concussion came on top of it.

As TMZ.com reported that the WWE superstar after his fight with Brock Lesnar Counterparty was immediately brought to the hospital at WrestleMania XXX. It should have been done several tests, including a CT scan was made to make sure that he had suffered no other injuries other than the concussion. He was also a precaution monitored for one night medically, Monday morning could but leave the hospital. The joy is at the athlete still kept within limits have, because after his first ever defeat in the history of WrestleMania his fans are upset. The day # ThankYouTaker is still very popular on Twitter.