Apr 9, 2014

Wars Johnny Depp and Amber a baby?

Even before Johnny Depp and his Amber Heard have made their engagement official, there was speculation about a possible pregnancy. So far, the pair remained silent to the persistent rumors, but now speaks Amber's ex Mark Wystrach.

Such a joyful message can probably also the former partner not long retain for himself, especially when he is still friends with the former love. "She's already pregnant," revealed Mark against the U.S. magazine InTouch Weekly. He fell right into the chat: "I saw her only three weeks ago Amber and I went years ago from each other, but we still are close!".

However, since not express both the Hollywood star and his girlfriend to such allegations must Marks statement only once so stop. If the blonde should actually be pregnant but, this will show in a few months. A baby ball just can not hide forever.