Apr 12, 2014

Sexy Performance: Anne Hathaway is the rapper

Whether Justin Timberlake or Will Smith- if Jimmy Fallon calls, the stars come out in droves to make themselves ridiculous with crazy dance routines or other extraordinary actions. Not at all embarrassed but must Anne Hathaway to be her appearance on the show the presenter, because there the actress delivered now a vocal performance with a difference from.

The fact that Anne Hathaway can not only act well, but also look good, nothing new. But that also includes singing to her talents, she put on the show of Jimmy Fallon now once again demonstrated. Accompanied by the moderator at the piano, gave Anne a variety of hip hop songs a glamorous Broadway-touch and so "In da Club" sounded among other things of 50 cents suddenly like a song from a bygone Hollywood at times. With their flirtatious facial expressions and gestures, the actress made her appearance perfectly and were it not for several swear words, you'd probably thanks to their performance almost forget that they are rap songs in the songs

Anne's exceptional performance You can watch here: